January 22, 2018
VIP Private Coaching
January 26, 2018

Private Coaching



Private Coaching is for novice or seasoned runners looking to ace a half, full or ultra marathon. Your coach will look at you as an individual and find out what the missing pieces of the puzzle are then design a personal training program around that.

The private coaching program is for you if …

  • If you are struggling to fit in your training, your work and your family,
  • Unable to push yourself beyond what is comfortable
  • Getting caught up in your head, filled with doubt, worry and anxiety
  • Feeling discouraged that you aren’t progressing as much as you think you should
  • Struggling to stick to a training plain
  • Bored with doing the same thing on the same day in the same way
  • Afraid that you are too slow, too big or too far behind to join a group or club
  • You want or need individual support

This is what you get when you sign up

  • Personalised training plan based on your particular goal –a particular race, a new distance or a better time
  • A monthly training plan emailed to you saving you time and stress
  • Membership to the Fitter Faster 5 to 10 Strava group to monitor and track your training and stats
  • A training program that meets you where you are at, taking into account your current ability, time constraints and your race goals
  • An improvement in your training experience enabling you to become fitter than you’ve ever been and teach you important lessons about being a runner
  • Email / WhatsApp access to the coach
  • Private Fitter Faster Community – get motivated, share stories, progress, videos, questions and interviews with other runners to help keep you on track
  • Regular emails, videos and podcasts addressing your running challenges and the real running issues like nutrition, strength training and stretching that are of importance to you
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