5K Coaching Programme
January 4, 2017

FitFast 5K

A 6-week, self-paced, gentle introduction to walking and running regularly, for ladies who would like to complete 5km and are new to exercising.

This is for you if:
  • You are completely new to exercising
  • You are returning after an injury or long break
  • You can walk a 5km parkrun
What you can expect:
  • Expert coaching and running advice
  • Support and encouragement from fellow members
  • Set and meet your personal fitness goals
  • To comfortably run/walk to complete a 5km parkrun
  • To easily and safely progress to the 5K coaching programme
What you receive:
  • A tried and tested training programme emailed to you weekly
  • A weekly email with a coaching question, running focus and tip
  • Health and fitness inspiration
  • Access to the vibrant Fitter Faster 5 to 10 Community
  • Regular Q&A on Facebook Live
  • Membership to the Fitter Faster 5 to 10 Strava Club
Your commitment:
  • 40 minutes, 3 times a week, 6 weeks
  • Be an active participant in the Facebook group
  • Be responsible and take an active role in your learning process.
  • Be willing to try, you don’t know what you are capable of until you do
  • Ask for help immediately, when you need it.
  • Commit to yourself and put in the time. Nobody can do it for you.
  • R650 once off payment
Fitter Faster Commitment:
  • To make learning to run Fun!
  • To give you a safe training programme that ensures maximum efficiency with minimum risk of injury.
  • To provide a transformational coaching programme alongside a safe and effective training programme
  • To meet you where you are at to ensure success in getting where you are going
  • To provide up-to-date, researched and relevant information
  • What Marian has to say:

    Commitment and fear for something that I was not sure I could manage to fulfil almost prevented me from joining Fitter Faster 5 to 10. The motivation and encouragement is a wonderful way to keep going! Specifically having a program to follow and an Incentive to do a goal race. It has been really great fun and it’s so good to have a new challenge.