A list of everything that you might want to know. If your question isn't answered here, please send us an email.


1Why women only?
Besides the obvious physiological difference between men and women, like men have bigger hearts and more testosterone, there is more to it than just the physical.

Women want and need a safe space to ask their questions and have the conversations. (what panties do you wear with your shorts? Should you run when you have your period? What about going to the toilet behind a tree? – Exactly! Not the conversations you want to have with the guys!).

We also play different roles in society, and fair or not, sometimes our goal or training is put second to that of the needs of the family. We need to support and encourage each other to take time for ourselves and do what makes us happy, even while fulfilling the needs of family.

While both men and women are competitive, there are less ego issues with women.
2What happens when/after I sign up?
Once you have signed up / selected your distance you will be directed to a payfast payment portal. You will receive a welcome email / confirmation and within 24 hours your training program will be emailed to you. You will get info to join the private facebook group as well as receive a weekly email.

You will receive a welcome email as soon as you sign up. If you haven’t received it check your spam. Often times, the first email that gets sent can land in your junk folder by accident (and if you don’t tell your mail program it’s not spam, all regular emails will land there too). If you still can’t find it get in touch with us immediately because that welcome email has your link to the Facebook Group where all the action is.
3How does the coaching program work?
Creating new habits and being accountable is how we make the changes for growth and development.

And we have made it easy for you to commit to your new habits and be accountable.

This is what the Facebook Community is all about.

Monday is the start of the training week (altho’ it is usually a rest day), you will check-in and let the ladies know where you are at and what you have planned for the week. (Remember, everybody has joined at a different time so we are all somewhere differnent on our training schedule)

You will log your activities daily (as they occur) and share them on the group – we encourage you to use pictures please, of your run or your time. We love to see where the ladies have been and even what gear they are wearing or using

If you have a rest day, please still check in an encourage the ladies to get moving.

Participate in the weekly challenges that are posted regularly. Mostly they are about self care and creating new mindsets so post about your experience with that too.

Then on Sundays we have a weekly accountability check-in to see how your week went. Let us know what worked, what didn’t work, what you want to do more of etc.

And of course, I / the coach is available daily on the Facebook group to answer and questions and well as hosting regular Facebook Live Q&A sessions.


1Can I train on the treadmill?
Running on the road or trail is very different experience to running on the treadmill. The Fitter Faster 5 to 10 coaching program is designed for outdoor, road / trail running.

Mechanically, running on the treadmill is way easier than on the road – there is no wind resistance for a start and because the belt rolls beneath your feet, you aren’t using your own force to propel yourself forward.

If you aren’t able to get outside (like an afternoon thunderstorm interferes with your planned run or you are travelling), running on the treadmill is better than not working out at all, but make sure it is the last resort and not a regular practise. And then, set the treadmill to a 1% incline.

There is a Fitter Faster 5 to 10 Group on Strava, which is a free app on both Apple and Android phones. We use this to keep track and support each other.
2What if I can't keep up with the training schedule?
Fitter Faster 5 to 10 recognises that you have a life, with work, partners, friends and possibly children. But, we we strongly encourage you to make time for yourself! The coaching program is more than just a training schedule, we know that running is a major part of self care which is essential to living a happy and healthy life.

Running is a great way to clear your mind when life is hectic at work or home and it’s a great way to check out a new place when you are travelling. Remember, running is an exercise, not a punishment an imperative to good living.

If you really can’t fit in a workout, don’t try to make up for it. Just keep going with the program. If you are physically struggling to keep up with the program, speak to your coach. You might be pushing too hard to soon which can lead to injuries and is part of learning to listen to your body.
3When do I train?
We treat you like adults – we say run 3 or 4 days a week and you choose your days. The training program is kind a like a school timetable but for adults. It allows for flexibility, you decide when you can fit in the run, the time of the day and the day of the week. You get to run 3, 4 or 5 days a week, you chose the time and day. We do suggest that you take a days break between your workouts and don’t do more than two consecutive days. Rest is part of your training so don’t ignore it.
4What if I get injured/sick?
The Fitter Faster 5 to 10 training programs are designed for maximum performance and minimum impact. The programs are based on scientific research and international best practise??? Best performance of your body involves more than just physical energy, you need to pay attention to your sleeping habits, stress levels and optimum nutrition. The training program is all about a gentle easy build up to allow your muscular and cardiovascular to adapt. This is when paying attention to the messages that your body is sending is important. An injury doesn’t just happen – there is always something leading up to it.

If you do hurt yourself, maybe unrelated to running, since you have purchased the program you can return to following it as soon as you are well again. Your membership to the Fitter Faster 5 to 10 community lasts as long as your training program, with two weeks extra to allow for such happenings. If you do pick up your training again at a latter stage, and you wish to join the community again, please email us.
5What level of fitness do I need to start?
Each coaching program is designed for a specific group of ladies. If you have never exercised before, join the Fit Fast program to learn to run 5km. If you are new to running or are doing a parkrun in under 60 minutes, join the 5K Beginners program and learn to run for 35 minutes. The 10K coaching program is for ladies regularly running 5K in around 35 minutes. And the 21K coaching program is for you if you have run a number of 10k’s and are ready for the challenge of running further with a more intensive training schedule.

I hope it goes without saying that you obviously need to have the go ahead of your medical practitioner before undertaking any exercise program.

If you are still unsure which program is right for you, email Staci@fitterfaster5to10.co.za for guidance.
6How do I know I am not to old, too slow or too fat?
As you get fitter, you should see the following:
  1. You will be running further within the same duration of running time,
  2. You will be coming to the same turn-around point in less time, or
  3. You are reaching the turn-around point in the same time with a lower pulse-rate
  4. You will be running faster (1 and 2) with the same pulse
So as you perform this simple test, you should look for these signs. If you don’t see any of them; particularly if your pulse rate is elevated, it indicates that you are actually over-working – or trying too hard to meet the goal. Back off and take it easy.


1Why would I pay for a program when I download one or use an app for free?
There are lots of free resources available for people who want to learn to run, or to improve their running. We think these are a great option for lots of people and love that for some they are a successful way to start running. Fitter Faster is about more than just the training program tho’, in fact the actual training plans make up only a very small proportion of what you are paying for. Fitter Faster 5 to 10 is about the community of women who share your hopes, goals, fears and successes because they are taking a leap of faith just like you are.

When you lose motivation, you will have the guidance and support of your team to help make sure you keep going. REAL PEOPLE looking out for you makes all the difference to your successful achievement.

We include a Life{style} makeover. We change your mindset. And we know that there is a strong belief in getting what we pay for, no pain, no gain, no free lunch. Etc. The more you pay, the more you commit. Paying ensures enrolment in the journey, while it doesn’t guarantee, it encourages participation and commitment, it eradicates wannabes and voyeurs.

And, we use this platform to raise money to help runners take part in the Comrades marathon.
2What makes us different to other training programs and coaches?
Besides being just for women, we promise a Life{Style} makeover. A change of mindset – we don’t run because we have to – we run because we want to. We are better women because we run, and our families benefit and our companies benefit and ultimately the country is a better place because we take care of ourselves and include running as a big part of that.

Fitter Faster is different. It is not a training program that you download and follow. It is a coaching program taking you from where you are to where you want to be, it is long term engagement, it is personal growth through running, where you learn what it means to listen to your body , its messages and responses, to take care of yourself, to take responsibiolity for your wellness, it is a community of support, where racing graduates become ambassadors.
3Do you offer any guarantees?
We do. We are confident that if you commit to yourself and the coaching program and follow the activities and challenges, will be well on your way to a happier, healthier , running life.

If you feel this is not the case within the FIRST FOUR WEEKS of any coaching program, you may submit completed tasks to date and receive a refund in full. Please note; evidence of completion of all tasks MUST be supplied before any refund request will be addressed. This is because your wholehearted involvement is a key factor to your success. We can give you the information and support, but you need to show up on the road and in the group.
4How do I pay?
Payment is made on the website thru’ the secure Payfast platform. The 5K, 10K and 21 K coaching programs are a once off payment. Private and VIP coaching will also be made on Payfast, for a number of months.
5How do I know if coaching is for me?
Coaching is not for you if you don’t need motivation and accountability and you have the patience and discipline to stick to a training schedule. If you know your body well and have learned how to listen to it and interpret when it speaks, you don’t need the ear of someone who has been there before you. And if you have no problem pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, then coaching is not for you. Download a training program and go for it!

A coach will hold the long term view in mind and remind you that improvement comes gradually and with consistency. The coach does the hard work of planning while you do the fun part – running!
6What are the risks of starting coaching with Fitter Faster 5 to 10?
Your biggest risk is that you become a happy healthy runner. Once you incorporate running as your mental and physical wellbeing regime, you might get addicted to taking part in races and parkrun.

You might learn to pay attention to your body and its habits and make different choices to the ones you are used to, changing ways you eat and manage your stress.

The biggest risk of not joining Fitter Faster 5 to 10 is still being in the same position this time next year ;-)


1How fit do I need to be for this program?
The 5k Beginner coaching program is for new runners. Absolute beginners. If you can complete a parkrun in under 60 minutes or walk 1K in 12 minutes. (If you are currently not active or brand new to fitness, you may prefer to start with the Get Fit Fast coaching program)
2How much time does it take?
You will have 3 45-55 minutes running sessions a week. You are welcome/encouraged to do some form of cross training on another two days in the week.
3What happens after I complete the program?
At the end of the 8 weeks of the 5K Beginner coaching you should be running for 35 consecutive minutes, approximately 5 kilometers. We would love you to take part in a local 5K race to experience that vibe – it is sure to add motivation to keep you running. You can then continue to train as you have been, taking part in regular parkruns and then, when you are ready, you can join the 10K Coaching program which will take you to running 60 minutes.

You will maintain your membership to the Fitter Faster 5 to 10 Facebook community for an additional week. Should you wish to continue with the coaching and community support, you can join as an Ambassador on a monthly membership option.


1How fit do I need to be for this program?
To get the most benefit out of the 10K program, you should be running 5 kilometers in around 35 minutes. If you are not quite there yet, we suggest you do the 8 weeks of the 5K program to help you improve your time. If you have already done the 5K coaching program, you can repeat it and stay on as an Ambassador in the Fitter Faster 5 to 10 Facebook community to continue receiving the expert coaching and community support.
2How much time does it take?
The training to run 10K’s is a little more intense than 5K’s. You will start with 3 sessions a week, building up to 4 sessions in the final 4 weeks. The longest session will take 70 minutes including your warm up and cool down.
3What happens after I complete the program?
When you finish the 8 weeks of the 10K I am a Runner coaching you could be running 60 consecutive minutes or 10K’s. We definitely encourage you to take part in a 10K race, in fact we would’ve made a race calendar available to you shortly after you started your training so that you could identify a possible race. Please get out on the road or trail and join the many people having fun and celebrating life at a race.

You will maintain your membership to the Fitter Faster 5 to 10 Facebook community for an additional week. Should you wish to continue with the coaching and community support, you can join as an Ambassador on a monthly membership option.


1How fit do I need to be for this program?
Running 21 kilometers is far. Don’t believe me? When you are next in your car, take a drive for 21K’s. I will bet you that you will be at least two suburbs away from home and you wouldn’t dream of walking there! The training gets more intensive in frequency and endurance as well as requiring more out of you mentally and emotionally. The good news is that that is what makes it so rewarding to complete the race!

To take part in this program we recommend you be running 10K’s in a time less than 70 minutes.
2How much time does it take?
The training schedule for 21K’s involves 5 days of running with a long run of up to 2 hours on the weekend.
3What happens after I complete the program?
You will be celebrating like you haven’t celebrated before! And you will have earned a sports massage. Your friends and family will be so proud of you and even that will pale in comparison to how proud you will be of yourself. You will have learned so much about your body and your motivators. And then maybe, you will want to run faster or further.

You will maintain your membership to the Fitter Faster 5 to 10 Facebook community for an additional week. Should you wish to continue with the coaching and community support, you can join as an Ambassador on a monthly membership option.
  • Beatrice-testmonial

    What Beatrice has to say:

    I have specifically liked running on a regular basis with Staci and getting to know more about the South African running community, getting to know running routes, getting to know simple techniques for how to run easier for a longer period of time. I would recommend Fitter Faster 5 to 10 because Staci helps you reach your goals in running while having a great time. This was a great running experience for me!!
  • What Michelle has to say:

    With Fitter Faster 5 to 10, I manage to get off the couch and onto the road instead of just daydreaming about it, with the support of a caring, knowledgeable and compassionate coach.  Knowing that there was someone out there who was expecting me to show up, and who was expecting me to put the work in, meant that I had to commit to sticking to the programme.  
  • What Jacqui has to say:

    I found that I wasn't as slow as I thought, but could improve on my overhaul fitness. Also that you didn't need to run flat out from the start of a run. A gradual build up would get you over the finish line – quicker and feeling that the run was FUN. Which makes you want to come back for MORE.The expert advice and motivation from Staci is priceless. 
  • What Marian has to say:

    Commitment and fear for something that I was not sure I could manage to fulfil almost prevented me from joining Fitter Faster 5 to 10. The motivation and encouragement is a wonderful way to keep going! Specifically having a program to follow and an Incentive to do a goal race. It has been really great fun and it’s so good to have a new challenge.
  • What Andy has to say:

    As a result of joining Fitter Faster 5 to 10 I have more motivation to run.  It has been such a bad year for me but now I am entering races again and am so happy to be on the road again. I loved the tips that seem so insignificant but have made such a difference, 4 minute running and 1 minute walking and counting up the hills specifically.
  • What Lorien has to say:

    My time has improved; I have managed to do a 10k and I now understand a whole lot more about how to run and why to run. I'm feeling healthier, stronger, fitter and happier. I have no hesitation in recommending this training program, it has been a motivating and inspiring experience and I have also learned a few tricks of the trade.
  • Annette training programme testimonial

    What Annette has to say:

    I started on my running programme with Staci in August - one of the best investments in time and money I have ever made!   From the first gentle run with Staci in Rivonia I felt that I was with someone highly professional, organised and also warm and always encouraging but also realistic as to my abilities and potential.
  • running programme testimonial

    What Ciske has to say:

    It's helped me get into a stricter routine with my running, because I felt accountable to the programme. I've also learnt about breathing, posture when running, nutrition, the role of stretching etc. - all things I wondered about before but never had the time to seek answers to. The result is that at the end of the program I feel fitter, more confident and motivated to continue - slowly and steadily - because I've seen the result of doing so over 8 weeks.  
  • What Niki has to say:

    Signed up so no obstacles That starting the “running process” is not as difficult as I thought it was going to be and that I am fitter than I thought I was. The way in which I was guided from day 1 though to a 10km. Questions were answered and tips given, especially regarding downhill running and hills It’s not THAT tough to get going early in the morning. You don’t have to be athletic to run. Women are great women motivators. It’s an easy and comfortable way of easing into an exercise program that is foreign to start with. I thoroughly enjoyed the runs and advice – just sorry that the missed days are not able to be added on at the end.

It doesn't matter what happens between the starting line and the finish line. All that matters is that you cross both.

Tracey Maher