Six running goals that aren’t Comrades
February 5, 2018

What Annette has to say about her coaching experience

Annette FNB 10KM 2016

I started on my running programme with Staci in August – one of the best investments in time and money I have ever made!   From the first gentle run with Staci in Rivonia I felt that I was with someone highly professional, organised and also warm and always encouraging but also realistic as to my abilities and potential.

FNB 10KM 2016

In the last two months I have done five 10 km races, as was my goal; the first being the FNB Jozi 10 km.  My daughter Melissa and I ran with Staci and some others, and it was a wonderful and affirming experience.  It was great to have Staci and Ian there to share the fun and sense of achievement.

Annette Chamberlains 10KM 2016

I then did the Chamberlains race in Pretoria, again with Staci to show me the ropes – these huge events can be rather intimidating!  I really enjoy the different venues, the Union Buildings being the most recent one, where the Tom Jenkins run started.

Annette FNB 10KM

Apart from the benefits of feeling really great after a run, and losing a few kilograms, I have found running has helped me cope better generally with stressful situations, especially work-related ones.  I highly recommend Staci as a coach and feel the last few months have been really life-changing, in an entirely positive way.

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