Fitter Faster combines expert life coaching with tried-and-tested run training in a supportive ladies-only community.


Staci Katsivalis

With nearly a decade of experience working as a life coach, I know how important it is for women to take care of themselves first.

I also know how exhausting it can be to make it through the day of work, come home to be a mom and wife, tackle the household chores, kids' homework and then possibly work a bit on a side-business. And that’s without exercising and time-out.

I have taken my ability to learn and distil information into my passion for women’s health and well-being and provide you with relevant and practical tools and training to empower you to believe in yourself and live up to your potential, through running.

Everyone does better when they are surrounded by people with similar dreams and desires and who are inspiring and supporting each other.

Experience has shown that social accountability and friendships within the Fitter Faster 5 to 10 community benefits clients in the form of long-term success and commitment.

To this end, the private Fitter Faster group is a unique and integral part of the coaching programme.

In the group you will engage with your coach and other members around lifestyle issues including sleep, nutrition and coping with stress – all vital elements of a happy, healthy lifestyle. You will also give and receive support, encouragement and experiential feedback, create and receive invitations to meet-up and travel with other ladies on the programme. Invitations to social events, training talks, presentations and workshops will be posted in the group. And of course, we brag with our photos and videos.

The Fitter Faster programme came into being because of what Staci wished she had when she started running.

At the age of 40 she stopped smoking and started running. Three Comrades medals later, she was hooked and began the business of helping other women find their inner strength and reach their goals.

Staci and her family started the Woodlands parkrun in 2014 and it became a place where women grew in spirit and confidence. None of them wanted to do it alone, because it can be scary to see “real runners” fly past you when you know you can barely walk 2km, never mind run 42km.

That is when you need group support and training – and that is where Fitter Faster 5 to 10 steps in.

Fitter Faster’s goal is that you enjoy the process of becoming a runner, that you enjoy the experience of being a runner and that you make running a part of your healthy lifestyle, along with good nutrition, adequate sleep and manageable stress levels. That you live an extraordinary life, because you run.

We Support Get Our Comrades to Comrades

Your decision to commit to your running and well-being helps others reach their dreams!

We automatically give R50 of your joining fee to the Get Our Comrades To Comrades Fund. This helps support runners who put in all the training but for financial reasons can’t get to the Comrades Marathon to actually run.

Along with an annual fundraising event, we have raised over R20 000 since 2016.

Support GOCTC

Staci runs in Xero Shoes

When I started running in 2009, I did what all wanna-be runners do.

I went to the specialist running store and got ‘expertly’ fitted for a pair of running shoes. For six months I tried many types of shoe and had many treatment sessions, but had no long-term relief from plantar fasciitis.

While running the Bergville half marathon and experiencing such pain that I was in tears at the halfway mark, I figured that it couldn’t be any worse if I ran barefoot. So I finished the race in my socks and without pain!

I found XeroShoes as an alternative to barefoot running and have been running in sandals since May 2010. You can order your sandals (or minimalist trainers and hiking shoes) using my affiliate link.

About the coaching programmes

The Fitter Faster training programmes coach regular women to take their first steps to becoming a runner.

The Fitter Faster 5 to 10 programmes are more than just downloadable training schedules. Expert life coaching is combined with run coaching and practical advice relevant to women. The tried and tested training programmes are designed to teach you to interpret the signals from your body, making for injury-free and fun running.

And, it’s about community, a space to connect with other women, goal-orientated moms, career women, wives, girlfriends and single independents – just like you.

Running is the greatest metaphor for life because you get out what you put into it.

Oprah Winfrey