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January 6, 2018
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January 15, 2018

2017 in Review

As I finish running with the ladies in my groups and the roads get quiet as businesses close and people leave the city for the sea, I take time to review my running year and start to look ahead to what and where I want to run in 2018.

My dear husband had done his Big 4 Wild Series Challenge in 2016.  I teased him that he had spent the family’s holiday budget travelling around to run, so it was only fair that I had my chance in 2017.

And so, in December 2016 as I was looking forward to 2017, Kerry and I decided it was our year to do something big. We decided there had to be four events, races that we hadn’t done before, be far (marathon or ultra) and ideally, should involve a road trip.

We committed to Om Die Dam 50km at Hartebeesport Dam in March, the Knysna Marathon in July, and Dawn 2 Dusk (which we had done 3 times before and would qualify for our permanent number in 2017). Unconfirmed, but interested, was 2 Countries marathon in September.

Ian and I were also committed to go to Volksrust in January to run the 32km and to Oudtshoorn in February to run the Cango Marathon.

Taking into account my achievements in 2016 and my Big 4 commitment with Kerry, I decided that I wanted to run more of everything in 2017.

My distance in 2016 was 1615km. I decided 200kms a month was reasonable given that I was training for a few marathons, so 2400km became the annual goal.

I ran 20 races in 2016 and was happy with that, I did however want to run at least 5 new races which I did even before I got to Knysna in July which was my 8th new race.

And I had parkrun goals: to run my 100th, run 120 parkruns, 35 different events and volunteer 3 times. (I finished 2016 with 98 runs at 28 different events).

As I go through my log, I am really happy with all I’ve achieved and greatly appreciated going through my log to acknowledge both my effort and my success. An unexpected bonus was finishing the Irene 10km in 2nd place and winning R150.

I had a successful Big 5 with Kerry which included an overnight stay at Harties and a successful and enjoyable run at Om Die Dam. We had an amazing, better than I could’ve imagined road trip around the Cape on our way to run the Knysna marathon and a successful and enjoyable race there.

Dawn 2 Dusk, with Ian was significant in that we’ve done it together for four years and we received our permanent number. We decided on not going to run the 2 Countries marathon and made the Tough One 32km our final event of the year.  We achieved our goal of sub 4 hours which is the best we could expect given the amount of training we did.

I encourage you to do your annual review and share your achievements with us on Facebook.

Update final numbers:

I finished the year with 2283km, not quite 2400 but close enough and all injury free. Strava also gives you fun stats like I had 205 active days and ran 291 hours J

If I include the Pirates pub run, I finished the year having run 9 new races (Volksrust 32km, Pirates half marathon, Cango Marathon, Sunrise Monster 32km, Om Die Dam 50km, JM Busha half marathon, Irene Modern Athlete half marathon, Knysna marathon and the Pirates Pub run)

I finished 2017 with 129 parkruns at 42 different events with 3 volunteering stints. I also volunteered at the Old Eds half marathon as my running club are co-hosts and I hosted a table at the Randburg Harriers club run where I regularly do my Sunday runs.

I can gratefully conclude that 2017 was a great year of running for me and I am looking forward to more travels, challenges and chats along the roads in 2018.

Share your running achievements on the Fitter Faster 5 to 10 Facebook page.

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